Friday, May 4, 2012

Brynlee eating yogurt

Brynlee has started eating solid foods and one of her favorite foods is yogurt. The video is of the second time she ever had yogurt. She got some on her chin....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lonely House

Aidan came home with this poem today that he wrote.  It is a glimpse into his mind and his view of the whole process of buying and selling our house.

Lonely House
By: Aidan Gremmert

Gazing at the telephone,

I’ve been waiting,

For weeks.

Which feels like a

Million years,


Been waiting for

The underwriter

To call,

To tell us that we can move

Into this lonely house.

Or even our realtor

To tell us our house is sold.

We have been cleaning,

For weeks,

I’ve been smelling,

This fruity smell to make our house smell clean.

We have cleaned our rooms,

We have painted the walls,

Doors, and cabinets.

Changed our tile and painted our cabinet doors,

We even boxed things up and we are bored,

Because we packed up all our toys!

To make our house clean,

The toys seem all lonely now boxed up and

Put in a storage compartment.

With my ears,

Opened all the time.

I hear my parents chattering,

Chattering to church members and family members,

To help us.

Move into this lonely house.

Oh lonely house

We are begging to buy you,

We need to find out

If we can,

Move into you,

Lonely house.

Ring ring the

Phone is ringing!

Do you know what

This could mean?

We have a showing in 1 hour!

I was the machine that cleans,

The whole house in 30 minutes.

It seemed to

My mom that the toys

came to life and walked

to where they are

suppose to be put.

My sisters were in

A pickle because

They needed to clean

Up their room

Because we had 5 minutes.

When we got in our vehicle,

My sisters drove me,

Up the wall in the,

Car and everywhere we went.

We went through all this,

Driving people up the wall and…

Getting in pickles to move into this new house.

Moving into the lonely house,

You are now a house filled with children,

And friends and relatives

Oh house you

Will go through this man

Times over and over.

Time has passed,

We are moving,

And you will be sold,

To another family and we will be,

Remembering you as best house.

And we will visit you from the west.

We will miss you,

And we will

Be reminded of you.

We will find another Farmington

Just like you.

We have found your

Brother it is time to go

We will miss you

As long as long as we know.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Why I need a dog.

Aidan made a power point for school a few months ago and recently he made another one but this time it was for me and Ryan.  He made it all himself complete with sound affects and transitions.  I didn't see any of it until he brought be to the computer and made me sit down and watch it.  Here it is.

He is quite the salesman isn't he? He added the pics of the dogs and included its name.  He really wants a golden retriever.  I wish I could give him the dog he wants but in our small house, little yard, and tight neighborhood, we just can't yet.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingerbread houses

Another year brings another round of gingerbread house makin'.  This year the Clowards offered to host our get-together.  Someday, someday we will host it at our own house. But until then we appreciate so much our friends who let us use their house.

This year Ryan and I were prepared to make the house makin' easier for the kids.  We put together 15 houses for the kids using burnt sugar.  It worked out GREAT!  This made it so the kids could get right to decorating instead of waiting for the royal icing to set.  The kids could do more on their own and it didn't take as long which left more time for the adults to decorate their houses.  I think this will be a new "must do" for the event.

The ward was having a gingerbread contest at the ward party which was taking place in 5 days.  So all the adults were serious business.

 Alexis and her cute log cabin

Emilee and Dave Anderson and their stilted house in Fiji

 The Callisters
I loved their design.  The rock chimney was so creative.

Ryan had a great house with lots of candy.  He wanted to be sure his house didn't crumble like last year so with the extra burnt sugar he made his structure! 

The Cloward's  His was my favorite.  He made a trailer complete with gas tank, flamingo and antenna. Loved it.

 Aidan's gingerbread house didn't survive the ride home, neither did mine.  So we made a new one to take to the Christmas party.  It turned out great.!
Everyone from our group won an award from the Ward Gingerbread contest!  Fantastic. 
Some of the candies we think are really successful are twix, charleston chew bites, reese's cups, ice cream cones, pretzels, mini nilla wafers, gum drops, sugar wafer cookies, licorice, candy canes, dots, mike and ikes, marshmallows, and various hard candies.  The new candy this year that was a hit was chocolate rock candy.  AWESOME!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The best two Christmas packages just arrived.....MY PARENTS!

My parents decided to personally deliver our Christmas presents this year.  I was so excited to have them come and share some of our Christmas with them.  They came for four days and they came baring gifts. My version of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Stephen's hot cocoa, cinnamon bears and grandma sycamore bread! Big ole YUMMY!

Brynlee and Grandpa met for the first time.  She took to him quite well.  He was always willing to hold her so I could get some things done.
First, we made sugar cookies.  I love sugar cookies but sometimes the production is overwhelming.  Well, I learned the key to decorating sugar cookies is.............. GRANDMA!  The cookies turned out so cute and SO yummy.  Grandpa was in charge of holding Brynlee during the event.

 Some good snuggle time with Grandma.
 And of course what is a visit without getting your hair done by your granddaughter?

Lunch at school with the kids.  Grandpa always buys the school lunch just to try out the food.

I was so excited that the timing of their visit coordinated with our Stake Festival of the Nativities. It is always so nice to look at all the nativities. Plus it brings back so many memories of putting together the event with mom in Twin Falls.  They had a kids room where the kids could do a craft, color, and dress up. So here is our little Gremmert nativity.  Notice the baby Jesus.  Cassidy of course had to be the angel since she was an angel for Halloween. 

Grandma and Grandpa bought a whole slew of presents.  The kids were so excited and wanted to open them all.  We let them open one present.  They loved what they got!
I just loved that they came out to see us.  It meant so so so much to me.  I loved sharing some of Christmas with them.  I was able to shop a little with my mom and wrap presents with her.  I love doing that with her.  It was a great visit.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving without Ryan

In five years of being at Chautauqua Ryan hasn't missed a Thanksgiving until this year.  We were all very sad about it but tried to be thankful that we had had so many Thanksgivings with him.  He had a really positive attitude and didn't grumble at all.  He even was able to go to Cracker Barrel that night where they served him a version of Thanksgiving dinner.

We on the other hand had Thanksgiving with some good friends.  The Clowards hosted and the Andersons and Christensens came.  It was quite a crew.  7 adults and 14 kids.  We made a menu and made assignments.  We were very ambitious because we had SO MUCH food.  We divided out the leftovers so we all ended up with at least another meal.  It was perfect.  Who doesn't want Thanksgiving leftovers?

Kids' table

First Thanksgiving

Adult table

I wanted a picture of her mowing down on the drumstick but she wouldn't go for it.

The dads were even good enough to get a little Thanksgiving football game going.  It was great! 

Facebook posts:
"Happy Thanksgiving! We have good friends who are taking care of us this year while Ryan is taking other people to see their families. He has such a good attitude about being gone today. I am so grateful for him, my cute little kids, my parents, in-laws, siblings, and friends. I miss all of you that I am not seeing this year. And lastly I am grateful for my Savior and that I know He lives. Have a great feast!"

"It's no fun to make fudge without my husband here trying to snitch. Miss you!"

It just wasn't the same with Ryan gone.  No football. No skittles and M&Ms. No cuddling while watching a movie and falling asleep. We surely missed him.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick and Trunk and all other treatings

Figuring out costumes for the kids this year was really a breeze.  I was so surprised.  I only had to buy a couple of items to make them work.  We had them ready pretty early too so they were able to wear them four times to different parties and functions.  It was great.

This year we had:
Clark Kent

Aidan has been watching a tv show with me called White Collar. He really wanted to be the main character in this show, Neal Caffery 
The guy wears a suit and a fedora hat all the time.  Aidan had it all planned. He would wear his suit, we could buy him a fedora hat, (yes, I have taught him some fashion terms) and then we could make him a security ankle bracelet like the guy has in the show.  He was really excited but I told Aidan that no one would know who he was so we needed a new idea.  I saw on Pinterest a cute boy dressed up like Clark Kent and thought we could go with this idea.  Well, while looking up pictures of Clark Kent to see what type of glasses he wore,  I found that he too wore a fedora hat all the time.  I knew this would convince Aidan to be Clark because he has been eyeing a hat at Target for months now.  So off to Target we went.
Lacey wanted to be a black cat because her best friend, Allie was going to be a cat.

Our Angel
Cassidy decided to be an angel when I pulled out our costume box and she found this tulle skirt and white butterfly wings.  She was smitten with the idea from that moment.  I did get her a halo and some "real" angel wings instead of butterfly wings.  I loved her in this and she loved the makeup and glitter.

And miss Brynlee was a pumpkin.  Since she was less than 2 months not much fit her but we found this cute tulle skirt that had pumpkins on it and I had the big green flower.

Before the trunk or treat

At the trunk or treat
Aidan and George
My costume?  A post partum mom suffering from sleep deprivation.  I'm convincing huh?

Trick or treating: 
The whole gang
 The whole Gremmert Gang

Cassidy and her best friend
We go to the same neighborhood every year.  It isn't our neighborhood but it is relatively close.  The houses are really close together and tons of people participate.  They are very festive with their decorations too.  The kids had a great time trick or treating.  Cassidy finally got the concept this year.  She was so gracious too, she said Thank you every time.  Usually it is the boys running door to door but this year the girls were the ambitious ones.  The weather was just cool enough but not freezing!  It was a great Halloween season!

Oh and here is my one Ghoulish treat I made